Email scam

Are you receiving numerous unsolicited emails? Learn how to train your app to mark it as spam.

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Investment scam

If a company promises you high return on investment with absolutely no risks. Beware, it could be a scam.

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Malware & Ransomware

Don‘t let criminals keep your data hostage. Learn how to protect yourself from  malicious cyber criminals.

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Romance scam

Life isn’t a bed of rosses. Not all that glitters is gold. That Brave military veteran you love and care about may be a con artist.

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Want to learn about how scammers can harvest your data?
Scammers could fish out your credit card info. Get some online security tips, protect yourself.
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Learn about many other types of scams, from notorious Nigerian scams to  IRS scams.

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Why we fight scam

It is something that brings tears to our eyes and sunkens our hearts the way scammers ruin lives. Victims of scams are often left depressed and bitter, some get so sad that they become suicidal. Scam has become ubiquitous and if we refuse to educate people about it, they’d ruin more lives

Scammers are very dynamic and very innovative evil geniuses, and we are committed to making the public privy of their evil plots and we have arrived fully armed to help you fight them.

We take you through courses that help you survive this corrupt world unscathed.



Don't wait to be scammed. Be the first to learn about the scammers newest schemes.