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419 scams

The misconception

The 419 fraud is so named after Nigeria’s section 419 of the penal code.

Do not be deceived by anti scam pages that claim the only Nigerian fraud is the advance fee scam. 

Nigerian scams come in different flavors, the advance fee scam being only one in their fat spice bags.

However, there are some common blueprints that cuts across all Nigerian  scams, they are as follows: 

1. They may come in form of email, sms, facebook messages etc. the most trending one presently is the use of facebook and hangout.

2. They offer the would be victim huge mountains of gold, large sums of money, huge limestone deposits for a few thousands.

3. They cook up scenarios of emergency, shock and awe so the would be victim has  lesser time to think e.g I had an accident, my daughter is dying.

4. He may claim his product/produce is in hot demand e.g it’s a limited time offer, time is running out, i would love you to bag the goodies.

5. When you send him money, he always feigns having recurrent problems(Never ever send money to an unknown internet guy.