Email Scam

How do scammers get my email address?

Scammers could get your email address through a variety of ways, some malicious and some legal.

Spammers and cyber criminals alike use advanced sophisticated tools to browse the web for emails. If you post your email online, a spammer would surely find it, its dead easy to do.

Cyber criminals could also use social engineering tricks to harvest the emails data of a friend which would include your email address and many others. They may also steal contact lists.

Email scammers make lots of guesses e.g could possibly be a person’s email address.

 They could also legally or illegally download trading sites’ buying list. So be sure to read terms and conditions of sites where you input your data.


Once you receive a spam email, mark it as spam as it trains your mail app to mark similar emails as spam.  


Scammers don’t usually use their emails to spam, they are wiser than that. They use the email of a friend, schoolmate,  or a figure you respect so that you trust the source and are more likely to fall for the bait. When a spammer emails you with someone else’s email(imposes to be that person), its claled email spoofing.  


Email scam

Email scam